Private Villa among Natural Parks, Medieval Villages, Woods and Vineyards

Modigliana, 5 km
Already inhabited in the Neolithic, it became Castrum Roman, it was invaded by the Celts, rebuilt in medieval times and remained under the dominion of the Guidi dynasty for 400 years. Protagonist in the Renaissance events of the Duchy of Tuscany and the Legend of the Great Barter, which would see it as the birthplace of the future King of France, Philip D'Orleans. Territory animated until the arrival of Giuseppe Garibaldi and the indomitable partisan activity, still today offers visitors the evidence of a cross-section of Italian history that is relived in the architecture of the historic center and the surroundings, and in the gastronomy characterized by contamination between Romagna and Tuscany.

Tredozio, 14 km 
Set in the Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi it has been a destination for spiritual paths and retreats since 500 AD. Today it is possible to visit buildings that have been recovered or rebuilt over the centuries as evidence of the fervent religious life of this area. The Pieve di San Michele, the Church of the Beata Vergine delle Grazie, the Hermitage of Gamogna, the Church of Sant'Andrea in Pereta, the Monastery of the Annunziata, the Pieve di San Valentino are examples of the desire of men of faith to live in contact with Nature. The town retains the residences of the noble families who lived there from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, first of all the Palazzo that became the Fantini in 1750, owners of dozens of farms and a thousand hectares of surrounding land.

Brisighella, 17 km
One of the most beautiful villages in Italy is located on the slopes of the Three Hills, a characteristic conformation in the Vena del Gesso on which the Rocca Manfrediana, the Sanctuary of Monticino and the Clock Tower stand, making it recognizable and unforgettable. Its wealth derives from being strategically located in the Lamone Valley: the Romans built the Via Faentina with which they brought the Salt of Cervia to the capital, and still today the direct Faenza-Florence railway maintains the liveliness of trade. cultural events, as evidenced by the incredible richness of the calendar of events, which, thanks also to its favorable microclimate, take place all year round.

The parks
We are located on the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines between National Park of the Casentinesi Forests and the Vena del Gesso Park. The choice of spectacular destinations, curious and fascinating, is rich and varied: it is possible to visit the Hermitage of Camaldoli, paddle up to the EcoMuseo Diga di Ridracoli, discover the volcano of Monte Busca, reach the top of Monte Falterona and Monte Falco, get to know the Giants of Tramazzo, walk on the glistening chalk to the quarries of Lapis Specularis and immerse yourself in the Tanaccia Cave or simply follow the course of the many rivers and streams that characterize this territory and embellish it with lakes and waterfalls that can be reached with percorsi di ogni grado di difficoltà and with the help of certified guides.

Cycling tourism
Equipped with an equipped and safe bikeroom, Villa Benini has an equipped and safe bike room, therefore it is ideal for those who want to dedicate themselves to cycle tourism at the utmost comfort. It is not necessary to approach the routes by other means, but it is possible leave directly from home and reach the classic routes of the Gran Fondo Cime di Romagna, the Giro di Romagna or some sections of the Giro d’Italia routes. The same thing is possible for the numerous mountain bike routes traced on the hills, between gullies and vineyards, streams to ford, breathtaking views and climbs that are "given of you".
It is possible to reserve a guide for a day but also for the duration of the stay.

The property of Villa Benini includes 16 hectares of recited wood, formerly cultivated, in which it is possible to walk following marked paths of medium duration and difficulty. In the surroundings of Modigliana there are many paths between beech, chestnut and forest rich in biodiversity and plenty of waterways, which make the rings varied and interesting for walkers of any level and for truffle hunters. Classic destinations nearby are Lake Ponte, Pieve di San Valentino, Monte Tesoro and it is possible to follow the stages of the Gothic Line, of the Sentiero 505 del CAI or the Way of Saint Anthony.

Villa Benini
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